BSQ’s focus on developing exactly the right people-powered solution to ensure the continued growth of your enterprise.

At BSQ we’re working with our clients to support them in their use of emerging technologies. Our Consulting offer helps to transform their teams, operations, services, and digital infrastructure.

We’re able to put together outstanding consulting teams to achieve your business goals whether this be through our Outcome Based Model or Employed Consulting.

Why choose BSQ Consulting

One of the main advantages is that it provides companies with access to a pool of highly skilled and experienced IT professionals who can help clients  to deliver complex IT projects.

By Working with BSQ, companies can benefit from our knowledge of IR35 legislation and be confident that the consultant is operating outside of IR35.

A more cost-effective solution for companies, particularly for short-term projects. Rather than hiring a full-time employee or engaging traditional IT consulting companies.

It can provide companies with flexibility and scalability. As the IT industry continues to evolve and new technologies emerge, companies need to be able to adapt quickly.

Consulting @ BSQ.

Billy Holmes, Head of UK Digital discuss’s how we add value through our consultancy by strategically approaching the expansion of your business.

Our people are available to take your call on 0117 235 9900. We’d love to work with you, so if you’re currently looking for professional support, please get in touch at


Our people have years of experience in competency-based recruitment, so we’re uniquely well-positioned to fulfil any role for permanent and contract staff across a broad range of industry sectors in partnership with national and international clients.


Delivering the right people-powered solution sometimes means our people need to be your people.

“I have used Berkeley Square IT’s services in a number of ways during the past seven years or so and have always found them to be highly responsive, professional and polite. If I were to try and summarise in a soundbite (which I am) then – things always get done quickly, on time and with the expected results.

Senior Manager, KPMG

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