6 Social Media Sins That Could Damage Your Career

Social media has the power to help or hinder your career and your job search. We have all heard stories about someone getting fired over social media screw ups. And it’s easy to forget that your online actions could have an impact on your career Here’s a list of 6 Social Media Sins that could get you into trouble.

  • Complaining about your job/boss 

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Everyone needs to vent sometimes, but sharing your thoughts publicly can have a damaging effect on your career. Complaining about your overly demanding boss on Facebook or Tweeting about how you really hate your job, can land you in hot water. Even if you think your posts are safe from your boss, a colleague might forward it to them. And even if your current boss doesn’t see it, it may hurt your future job prospects, because other employers might see it, and may decide not to hire you.

  • Sharing when you should be working

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Are you Facebooking during working hours? This could land you with a warning or a meeting with HR. Some bosses understand that you might occasionally check your social media accounts whilst at work, but getting caught up in the online world and ignoring your work could get you in trouble. It reflects poorly on you as an employee and it makes you less productive.

  • Posting photos whilst intoxicated

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Yes we know, part of the appeal of social media is that you can post fun photos of yourself. But, keep in mind the photos that you share publicly on your social media accounts, make a first impression before you ever meet an employer or a recruiter. Privacy settings can only do so much. You can set the strictest privacy settings to your social media profiles, but it doesn’t guarantee to keep your profile safe from a potential employer’s eyes. So while it may seem like a great idea to post photos from a wild weekend you had, try to pick the ones that are the least controversial.

  • Posting offensive/ tasteless comments

Posting/sharing inflammatory comments online can be a sure way to get you fired. For example an ex senior director of corporate communications at IAC, Justine Sacco tweeted insensitive and offensive comments about AIDS just before travelling to South Africa. By the time she landed her name and tweets were trending worldwide, she had became the world’s top story and her job was history. Avoid posting offensive content, even if they’re meant as a joke.

  • Sharing your job search

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Just because you have a job offer, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s a sure thing. Some job offers are sometimes confidential, therefore by breaking that confidentiality, your employer can revoke the job offer. Don’t say anything negative about the job offer either, as you could lose the job before you even start.

  • Posting something stupid on behalf of your company

If you are in charge of your company’s social media, think twice about what you post. Remember whatever you do reflects on them. While some mistakes might be innocent, posting anything too inappropriate is a quick route to a pink slip.


-Use social media to show your knowledge, through publishing articles on your Linkedin profile

-Build professional networks and show confidence. Connect with the relevant contacts, share relevant posts and articles.

-Consider your digital footprint and Google yourself. A potential employer may search your name to see your online activity, therefore it’s always good for you to see for yourself what your digital footprints look like.

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