6 Types Of Candidates You Will Meet As A Recruiter

Being a recruiter is unlike any other industry. You’ll meet an array of people with different personalities and different backgrounds. But no matter which sector you work in, you will have come across these personalities during your career.

The needy candidate

They call you about every query that pops into their heads. They have connected with you on LinkedIn, WhatsApped you and have even sent you a friend request on Facebook. Within 20 minutes of their interview, you have several missed calls on your phone. The needy candidate is high maintenance, but they mean well. They’re just probably nervous and excited about the opportunity. The best way to deal with a needy candidate let them know early on when exactly they should and shouldn’t expect to hear from you.

The over-confident candidate

Candidates need confidence to ace the recruitment process, but too much of it is not good. The overconfident candidate are good and they know it. They probably graduate with a first degree at a top university, they will stroll into the room like they have already got the job. They will brush off many of your introductory questions because they feel like it is a waste of time. And the chances of getting a ‘thank you’ email from them after an interview is very unlikely.

The picky candidate

The picky candidate is a little a bit similar to the overconfident candidate, minus the huge ego. They’re perfect on paper but as soon you get to the interview process they become very demanding. They want that perfect job complete with their own office with a high starting salary. They’re very excited about the job but they want it on their own terms. When a candidate’s demands start to become outrageous the best thing to do is to put your foot down and just let them know that if they really want the job they will need to be more realistic about their demands.

The buzzword enthusiast

“Synergy, solutions orientated, team player, thinking outside the box”. Talking to this candidate can feel like you’re playing a strange game of mad libs. A successful candidate will have technical knowledge and understanding of the industry but if every word they are saying is a buzzword you don’t get a chance to know the candidate well.

The underprepared candidate

They’re “Ermm-ing” & “Errr-ing” in every single sentence.  They haven’t done any research into the company and they probably don’t know what job they’re interviewing for. The underprepared candidate can be frustrating to work with, but you should try and give them the benefit of the doubt because it could be due to lack of experience. Try to walk them through the interview and give them some tips to help them ace the interview.

The perfect candidate

Outstanding CV, relevant experience & flawless in the interview process. The perfect candidate is the holy grail of the recruitment cycle. They’re professional through and through and they want to know the details, not just the sales pitch.

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