6 Types of Programmers You’ll Meet

Here is a non-serious look at 6 types of programmers you will come across in the development field. Which one are you?

The Syntax Police

  • They have a well-organised workspace.
  • They have memorised the company’s style guide.
  • Cannot tolerate a single indentation error.
Open Source Wizard

  • Always helping the noobs with Stack OverFlow.
  • You’ll find them at most programmer conferences.
  • They have at least 10 repositories on GitHub.
The Hipster

  • Probably codes in Swift or Javascript.
  • You would never catch them writing a line of code in notepad ++
  • Mostly seen at the best coding conventions.
The Data Scientist

  • Eats Maths for breakfast and statistics for lunch.
  • Knows Python and nothing else.
  • Has a PhD or a Masters in something.
The Noob

  • Spends thousands on boot camps and hacks.
  • Probably learned to code because its “hip”.
  • Dependent on the open source wizard.
The Young Genius

  • Always excited about the next new thing.
  • They’re self-taught and spend 90% of their time coding.
  • They follow all the trends.

What other types of programmers can you think of?

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