4 Traits that make a good Business Analyst

Business Analysts work within an organisation, helping to manage change and plan for the future in line with company goals.

While skills and knowledge are crucial to being a Business Analyst, there are some traits that they need to perform well in their role.

Good communicator

Being a skilled communicator is one of the most important skills to have as a business analyst. Part of the job involves interfacing with stakeholders and communicating with technical and non-technical people, therefore being articulate and having thorough communication is necessary. Being a great collaborator is also crucial. They have to unite and engage with teams in short amounts of time.


Detail orientated focus- assisting project managers, working closely with other teams to define, create and document accurate project requirements is a big part of the role. Good BAs will also help track and resolve issues throughout the engagement. Paying attention to detail will help in foreseeing problems within a project and being able to resolve them.


A good business analyst realises that their methods need to be adapted to the specific situation and environment that they are in. They can find new ways to deliver value to a project with their wide range of knowledge.

Business analysts that are versatile and multi-disciplined can identify opportunities if they have worked in other industries and they can take knowledge from their other disciplines and use it on their current projects.


A great BA should be diplomatic and skilled peacemakers. They may find themselves dealing with difficult/disagreeing stakeholders and they will need to be a savvy negotiator and work with both sides to come to a mutual agreement. If there are changes in timeline, budgets, goals etc, they should be able to accommodate everyone.

What other traits do you think would make a good Business Analyst?

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