How to shine in a group interview

Got a group interview coming up? These do’s and don’ts tips can you help survive and stand out from the crowd.

Stay calm and play it cool

Your interview starts as soon as you walk through the door. Therefore, making sure that your first impression is the right impression is very important! Sometimes group interview are sprung up you by surprise or sometimes the hiring manager will let you know ahead of time. Regardless, walk in with friendly confidence and if you were unaware that this was a group interview, try and not let the shock/horror show on your face. Resist the urge to size everyone in the room up. The employer will be looking at how you react to the situation and the group including how you interact with the company team and react to future surprises of the job.

Prepare a self-introduction

Usually, before the group interview begins, you will be asked to provide some sort of introduction of yourself. Save yourself some time and pressure by preparing beforehand. You should create and memorise and short and engaging self-introduction before you arrive to the interview.

Don’t talk over people

A lot of people make this mistake when their competitive nature kicks in. They’ll want to raise their voice louder, interrupt and talk over people to get their point across. You don’t want to come across as arrogant. Whatever job you’re applying for, teamwork is important. In the group interview, you’re meant to show how well you work with others. Make eye contact and learn everyone’s name.

Check your body language

This is all about playing well with others so make sure that your body language is projecting a calm and collected aura instead of tension, anger, or nervousness. Smile and make sure you’re approachable and open to everyone in the room. Sit up straight and look attentive and alert.

Show them you’re the perfect candidate

There are millions of people who are just as qualified for the job as you are. You should aim to show the hiring manager what makes you unique and sets you apart from everyone in the room. What is it that makes you special? Demonstrate your abilities but make sure that you’re not so good at being a team player that you fade into the background.

Ask questions

As soon as the hiring manager asks if anyone has any questions, you should try and come up with a good intelligent one. Throughout the interview, you should be listening carefully and that should help you come up with a question. Asking good question will help you stand out and be more notable. It shows the hiring manager that you are listening, you’re eager to learn more and you want the job.

Greetings and Thank Yous

At the end of the interview, you should make it a point to that the person interviewing you and shake hands with the other people in the group interview with you

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