Guide to achieving a healthy work-life balance

How to get a better work-life balance

Having a successful career is important for many people. But it is also important to find the right balance between your job and your personal life. Britons who work full time spend more time at work than anyone else in Europe! Having a healthy work-life balance will help you become more successful, as it will help you avoid burnout and will improve your wellbeing. Check out our tips on how you can improve your work-life balance.

Realistic boundaries

Set clear boundaries for yourself between work and non-work activities. This could be giving yourself a clear working day, by creating a set amount of hours to work and making sure you don’t overdo it! Resist the urge to work on your days off, even if it’s just checking an email.

Rethink how you complete chores

Write down a list of your errands and chores. Consider whether you can outsource anything that’s time-consuming or that you don’t enjoy doing. For example, you could do your grocery shopping online, it will save time going out to the shops. Another great tip is trading your errands with some friends. Offer to do things you enjoy doing anyway or things you were planning on doing.

Know your peaks

Are you more of a morning person or an evening person? Assign the high concentration and tough task at a time where you will have the most energy. For example, if you’re a morning person do all those tasks in the morning and avoid doing them later in the day.

Take on holiday

Make time for a holiday and book time off work, every quarterly. Taking time away from work can provide you with much-needed rest and relaxation. Which is great for your mental health and avoids burnout. If you can’t book time off every quarter, you could have long weekends instead. It is much better than nothing!

Reclaim your time

When was the last time you said no to someone’s request? You don’t have to be a yes person, you can respectfully decline something. If you’re always saying yes to plans out of guilt you won’t have time to do things that you actually enjoy.

In addition, make the most of your lunchtimes at work. If you normally eat your lunch at your desk switch it up at least once a week and go and have your lunch in a relaxing environment. You could also use your lunchtimes to run little errands to free up your time in the evenings and weekends, such as posting/returning a package or going to the gym.

Flexible hours

If you have children, ask your employer for flexible working hours. Most employers these days understand the importance of flexible hours. Flexitime is not just for parents, if you have health issues, working 2 jobs, or are just looking for a better work-life balance, you can apply for it. The government website lays out the different types, how you can apply and your rights regarding flexitime.

Get moving

Research shows that exercise will help you remain alert. Finding time to exercise when you’re busy may seem difficult, but it will help you get more things done. Check out our blog post on how you can stay fit if you have an office job/if you’re busy.

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