Our trip to Lisbon


Well deserved holiday incentive, to reward our hardwork over the last few months.

We wanted to visit somewhere with a beach and was available from Bristol airport, so Lisbon was a clear winner…. Didn’t disappoint… found a lovely modern apartment on AirBnb which was in the centre.

Ate fish at Laurentina restaurant, where locals were queuing out the door

Went Carcavelos beach, which was very hot, and not overly busy, drank some beers, laid in the sun and played the locals at a game of 5 a side…. Understandably  beach football isn’t an Englishmans’ forte, and after a fast start, going up 5-2, the heat slowly took over, along with their superior skills, and we lost 10-6!

…. The evenings we went out in the popular Barrio Alto area, which is literally just bars spilled over into the streets, and it tends to stay quite busy til the early hours.

The final day we went to the famous Time Out Market, and sampled many different dishes from some of Lisbon’s finest chefs and mingled with the locals whilst trying some nice local wines.

A busy, fun filled 3 days of sun and culture, and we look forward to achieving our next target!

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