What Type Of Co-Worker Are You? [Quiz]

How it works

Calculate the amount of A’s, B’s, C’s, D’s and E’s you get and refer to the results at the end of the quiz!

The office kitchen is in a state. What do you do?

(A) You rarely go into the staff kitchen because you bring in your own lunch and eat at your desk.
(B) Clean it up and say nothing.
(C) Find a clear space to put your dishes, it’s the cleaner’s job to do it, isn’t it?
(D) Clean it up and send an angry email shaming the whole office.
(E) Wash your dishes and make a few jokes about the kitchen being a mess.

The air- conditioning wars are in full swing. What do you do?

(A) You just ignore it. You’re too busy to get involved in petty office arguments.
(B) Study the manual and figure out a way to use the AC properly so that everyone is happy.
(C) Watch all the arguments unfold and say nothing.
(D) Change the controls to suit yourself and shout at anyone that tries to change it.
(E) Crack a few jokes to diffuse the situation.

Your colleague has just walked in with a new awful haircut. Do you…

(A) Ignore it.
(B) Tell them it looks nice and different.
(C) You don’t even notice.
(D) Talk to them privately and ask them what they were thinking.
(E) Roast them until they get the message.

When you go to the kitchen to make a cup of tea. Do you…

(A) You’re too busy with work and you don’t have time to make hot drinks.
(B) Make it for everyone in the office.
(C) Make one for just yourself.
(D) Wait for someone to get up to make one ask them to make one for you.
(E) Make one for yourself and your work besties.

A co-worker wants you to do something for them AGAIN! How do you respond?

(A) You agree to do it for them, you were going to work late anyway.
(B) Politely smile and do it for them but inside you’re seething with rage.
(C) You switch the subject of conversation to avoid saying yes.
(D) Agree to help them but complain about it the whole time.
(E) You decline softly with a joke

How do you celebrate the holiday season?

(A) Doing more work.
(B) Making something for the team.
(C) Taking some personal time off.
(D) Crying about how lonely you’re this time of year.
(E) Getting drunk at the office party.

Your boss says they’re taking everyone out for a team lunch. How do you respond?

(A) “As long as we’re only there for an hour, I have a lot of work to do!”
(B) “Great! I’m always up for a team outing!”
(C) “When are we leaving? I’ll pack now!”
(D) “Oh no, we’re not going to the same place we went to last time are we?”
(E) “As long as it’s on the company card, I’m down!”

You get stuck in traffic and you’re late to work. What’s your reaction?

(A)Let your boss know you’re going to be late and get started on your work for the day.
(B)Call your boss and tell them you’re going to be late and apologise.
(C)Sit back and relax, it’s out of your control and there’s nothing you can do about it
(D)Complain and moan about being stuck in traffic. When you get into work you tell your co-workers about your ordeal for sympathy.
(E)Make jokes about the terrible traffic to lighten the mood.

The Results

The Workbee (Mostly As)

Independent and ambitious. You eat, sleep and breath your work. Your co-workers may call you a workaholic but they admire your work ethic. You’d rather stay at work late than go out for drinks after work with your co-workers. You’re the boss’ favourite because you’re a hard worker and truly care about your job and the company.

The People Pleaser (Mostly Bs)

You like making everyone in the office happy and you get along with everyone in the office. You’re kind and have the best and honarable intentions. Make sure you’re not expending too much of your energy and time to help others though, because this can have a negative imoact on your career and wellbeing. 

The Just Enough Guy/Girl (Mostly Cs)

You do just enough to keep your job. The best part about the job for you is lunchtime and going out for drinks after work with your work buddies.  You’re just happy you have something to pay the bills so you can enjoy your personal life. You may also view your current role as just a stepping stone to a better job.

The Complainer (Mostly Ds)

No matter what happens in the office you will always find something to complain about. You’re the one that leaves passive aggressive notes and emails to your co-workers when someone forgets to put a plate in the dishwasher or moan about the temperature of the office every 2 minutes. When it comes to doing your job you’ll do what’s required with a little complaining here and there.

The Joker (Mostly Es)

You play an integral part in the office and that’s to make everyone’s day bearable with a laugh. You use all forms of humour from dark to dry and you manage to make everyone crack a smile, even the office complainer.

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